dab6e-shane2About White Rhino Security…

Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Shane Killen, Principal Consultant for White Rhino Security (that guy in the picture).  I’ve had a career in the IT field for over 20 years now.  Most people around the world know me from a technical/personal blog that I write (www.shanekillen.com if you are interested).  Now let me ask you a question:

Does it seem like today’s IT service companies are just in it for themselves?  Having been on the inside of many Value Added Resellers (IT services companies) and even a leading manufacturer, I’ve seen this first hand.  White Rhino Security is a different kind of company. We don’t sell hardware. We dont want to be biased in any way when making determinations about your security or network needs. I’ve see it all too often, that recommendations by the vendor are based on what the vendor sells. This kind of selling is a sad shame. That is why we don’t sell hardware, because we don’t even want the appearance of this kind of bias.

 White Rhino Security wants to have quality relationships with their customers, making sure that your security and network needs are taken care of the way we would want our own security and network needs taken care of by certified network and security professionals.  Your business security and network needs are important to us.  How do I know this?  Because my wife and I created this company. We are in this to partner with you, so that both you and White Rhino Security benefit from the relationship.