whiterhinoI believe that if you want to learn about your network, you should have the opportunity to learn.  This helps you (and your company) support what you have, and also saves you money.  Here is how my mentoring service works:  I come to your company site.  I mentor you (and your team) about your network.  We cover the things that I know are important in your network, and the things that you want to hear about also.

The mentoring service usually looks something like this:
1.  We will have an initial call about a few things.

  •  What does your network look like?
  •  What is the network experience level of your team?
  •  What would you like to see covered in the mentoring session?
  •  What are you end goals?

We can base this mentoring service around a network project that you have, or cover what you currently have in place.
2.  Based on the answers to #1 above, I’ll make determinations on what needs to be covered.  I’ll set an agenda for the time that I will spend onsite.
3.  We can schedule for as many days as you feel you need.  This can be during the week, or a weekend.  Day or evening.  I’ll accommodate, based on availability.
4.  I’ll come onsite and do the mentoring service with you and your team (again, the cost is the same, no matter how many people you have).
5.  After I leave, you will have my email and cell number should you need anything or have any questions.


The benefits to my mentoring service:
1.  This is better than sending your team to a “training class”, which is not tailored to your environment.   I do tailor to your environment and to your teams experience level.
2.  No matter how many people you have in the mentoring session, it all costs the same.  You pay for my time and travel.  You don’t pay per person in my mentoring session.
3.  You get a +20 year experienced network professional, who has real experience in many different environments.  I’m very experienced in both campus and data center environments.   I’m different, because I still work on company networks.   I’m not “just a teacher”.
4.  You will save money by not having to send your team to a “training class”.   That means no travel expenses, and no individual (per person) expenses for the offsite “training class” itself.   And no hotel or rental car expenses, per person, either for offsite training.   Your company saves money.