Have you ever found yourself in a public place and you needed to have Internet access? You generally have a couple of choices in these situations:

  • You can use the public WiFi being offered
  • You can tether to your 4G connection on your phone
  • You can use your own MyFi device to connect to

The problem with each of these above is that you still run the risk of your data being stolen by someone nearby. While you cannot keep people from “capturing” your data, you can keep them from being able to “read” it. That’s where the White Rhino Security VPN Service comes in.

We offer to you a secure way for connecting to any public WiFi or your mobile Internet connection without the worry of someone being able to read or use your data through our White Rhino Security VPN Service. We protect all of your information that you send (like banking info, personal info, business info, your location, etc) by encrypting your information and sending it out through our Internet locations instead of where you are at the time. But the big key is that your data is being encrypted and can not be read by someone nearby. Whether you are a company or an individual, secure encryption is what you need when you are not in a secure area, and that is what you get with the White Rhino Security VPN Service.

For only $9.99 a month, you can start utilizing the White Rhino Security VPN Service today.  Click HERE to securely order, or contact us at support@whiterhinosecurity.com today to get started. You can also call 317.607.1099.