Thanks for coming by White Rhino Security’s site.  We appreciate your interest in partnering with our company.  We are not your “general IT services” company that will take on any project.  We know that if you are looking outside your own IT department, that means that you are looking for expert help – not just “any help”.  Our specialties are security and network services, and those are the only IT services we provide.  Why?  Because that is what we do best.  We are great at security.  And we are great at networking.

What we do:

  • Conduct security and vulnerability assessments – How will you ever know how if you are vulnerable to both internal and external threats if you don’t have an assessment on your internal and Internet facing devices?  Knowing is the first step.
  • Vulnerability remediation – After a vulnerability assessment, actively protecting your company data and assets is an important next step.  Its time to resolve the problems.  Its time to be secure.
  • Firewall auditing – Get your firewall audited.  Make sure that you have the best chances of keeping your data protected.
  • Intrusion Prevention –  If you have any company data needing protecting, like your accounting department or just important company servers, you need IPS (intrusion prevention system). With Malware and all the other latest threats we have in the world today, it’s just no longer an option. I will either manage your current IPS or offer you a managed service IPS.
  • Network assessments – Do you know the state and health of your network? By evaluating the network, I will look for problems and propose solutions to resolve any issues that your network may have.
  • Network services for data center and campus environments – I am very experienced in data center and campus/corporate environments.  I am well versed in Cisco Nexus and Catalyst gear and also Brocade VDX and ICX gear, as well as other brands.
  • Incident Response – I will investigate your incident and mitigate the current threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Mentoring – I mentor to those that want to be mentored. I like being a mentor so that you can learn about your network. Mentoring saves you money in the future. Don’t be held hostage by consultants that wont teach you about your network.