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Simply put, proactive security is what we do.

Firewall Managed Services:
You purchased a firewall to do a job. And we have the skills and experience to make the firewall do what you need it to do, which is protect your company data. We do firewalls very well, both at the perimeter and in the data center. Our firewall managed services are very different than what you have seen with most other service companies.

Penetration and Vulnerability Assessments:
How will you ever know how if you are vulnerable to both internal and external threats if you don’t test? Ignoring company vulnerabilities doesn’t make the problem go away. Its time to both “know” and “resolve” the issues that your company has proactively.

Firewall Auditing:
Get your firewall audited. Make sure that you have the best chances of keeping your internal data protected. An audit will help you do just that.

Threat Prevention:
If you have any company data that needs protecting, like your accounting department or just important company servers, patient information, etc, then you need IPS (intrusion prevention system). With Malware and all the other latest threats we have in the world today, it’s just no longer an option. I’ll manage your IPS, Content Filtering, etc. to provide the best threat prevention possible.